The Innovation Journalism Puzzle Comes Together

Putting together the Innovation Journalism Puzzle!

Innovating on deadline:  We created a new approach to isual collaboration. As journalists were to gather at Stanford University for the third annual Innovation Journalism Conference, we wanted to create a visual experience to facilitate their collective intelligence. I could not be present, but Program for the Future colleague Mei Li Fung planned an event to facilitate conversations.  So we cooked up an idea. Why not create a mural with blanks for people to fill in, then cut it into “pieces” that groups could fill out at their tables?  It worked!  See below for the process.  First, here is the mural coming together.  Note the leaves divide the mural into 11 by 17 piecess at first.  The final panel is the one with the writing (hard to read at this resolution).  So first see the mural building in this animation by Bill Daul  eileen_allS-1 Now here is a link to the event where it all came together In this next link, you can see the words on the pieces — statements about what journalists are seeing/hoping for the future. Also see Irene Nelson’s visual notes.  Enjoy!


The Innovation Journalism Puzzle Comes Together

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  • June 16, 2011 at 10:38 pm

    Great work! Extremely impressed with your work at SRI International- Global Innovation Forum 🙂
    Sandeep- SJSU Student

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