excerpt from our Shape of Thought mural

Across cultures and throughout time, shapes have carried the power to inspire, intimidate, delight and inform. A spiral, a pentagram, a labyrinth may invoke momentary longing, fear, or curiosity, although we may not know why.  Over the millennia, many mathematicians, artists and scientists studied the secrets of timeless symbols—shapes that seem to resonate with Nature and the human mind.

But only in modern times, with the explosion of new tools and technologies, has science enabled us to experience the profound truth:  Certain shapes and symbols draw our attention because they mirror the building blocks of our  bodies, the arrangement of distant galaxies, and the complex proportions of Nature’s mechanisms.  (Excerpt from the Shape of Thought project with Bonnie DeVarco.

eileen clegg

I'm a visual journalist supporting great leaders with visual storytelling during meetings.

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