#rwjf1stFri Live Digital Mural



We’re in a time when words and information are flying by us at warp speed, making it nearly impossible to see the big picture at all times. Instead of taking verbal meeting notes or providing a transcript of a session, we take live visual notes during an event and immediately following, have a mural of the information to share with others to help fully comprehend the big picture.

For example:  The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation holds First Fridays webinars through Google Hangouts to discuss pressing social issues facing our world. Through these webinars, they are developing a community working to change what we’ve come to consider the norm. On September 5, a #rwjf1stFri webinar was held to discuss Active Kids, Healthier Food as the school year is beginning and childhood obesity is an important issue to combat. Speakers from nonprofits, Nike and a school in Philadelphia answered questions pertaining to this topic and questions from the audience followed.

This mural was created live during the meeting, a wonderful technology that more and more businesses and organizations are using to help get the message across in the most memorable way possible. Any meeting or webinar can be captured live, helping your audience make the most of the message they’ve received and enabling them to easily share with others, spreading the word in a form that is both easy to understand and remember.

Please contact Visual Insight if you’re interested in sharing your organization’s message visually.

#rwjf1stFri Live Digital Mural

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