Master Symbols: A Visual Insight Field Guide

Master Symbols: A Visual Insight Field Guide


By Eileen Clegg


What if there were a language understood by people around the globe? What if it had the power to convey not just ideas but feelings and deeply-held intuition? What if we all knew this language all along but forgot to use it?

Master Symbols helps us discover secrets to communication that have been hidden in plain sight.




Eileen is a Master of Visual language. She has created hundreds, maybe thousands of graphics or drawings that have made workshops and talks come alive for participants. Visuals are powerful ways to help us remember They express what we cannot easily put into words. Rather than take written notes, many people look at her drawings and recreate an entire workshop. Over the years I have often been curious as to what the symbols she often uses, such as stars, circles, spirals, or even representations of animals such as elephants or turtles mean, and how people in workshops interpret them. Symbols evoke emotions without conscious thought. This is why symbols are so important in corporate logos, in product branding, in religion, clubs, and in many other places in our lives.

Now is this slim volume, filled with her symbol drawings, Eileen traces the history, meaning and her thoughts on 24 different and commonly used symbols. For example, did you know that the spiral is one of nature’s favorite shapes? Even our universe is a spiral. Did you know that cave drawings often depict human hands and that the moon is often associated with madness? Eileen explains each of these symbols and tells us why they are so widely used and what they mean.

I highly recommend you get this book and settle down to be entertained and educated by a master.


Master Symbols: A Visual Insight Field Guide


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