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For the past decade Visual Insight has been creating live visuals during meetings and conferences, developing murals with participants creating the “big picture.” Meanwhile, infographics have grown in popularity throughout the web, visually arranging massive amounts of information, making it easier on the eye and raising conceptual awareness. Derived from separate ends of the visual information spectrum – one is a highly kinetic, physical and artistic mural that depicts relationships and ideas and the other contains boxes, arrows and symbols to show statistics.

At a time when we are overwhelmed with information it is important to bridge the two. An InfoMural combines the power of human-scale and -feeling live murals with the capability to reach millions of people on the web. Visual Insight InfoMurals can touch the human heart as well as mind while artistically capturing information, emotion and relationships.

Powerful production methods prove the impact of InfoMurals well before the final results. A graphic artist creates InfoMurals live on a giant piece of paper as individuals watch the development of information, contribute and discuss. We work with groups live in person to co-create big picture visuals, using collaboration techniques that quickly bring people into the same field of thinking and continue the collaboration in an online forum using interactive visual collaboration tools.

See this example of our giant Engelbart timeline infomural in image form and storytelling Prezi. This project is a shining example of how individuals from contrasting backgrounds (technologists, anthropologists, business people, psychologists, CEOs) come together to think and develop a story. While some Visual Insight Infomurals focus on facts and statistics, others are focused on getting across big ideas. Here is an example of the latter.

We are now offering organizations Visual Insight InfoMurals as a way to tell your own story, share accomplishments and creatively convey the essence of your ideas to people you want to engage, inform, inspire and align together.

Visual Insight InfoMurals draw upon our 10 years experience working with organizations to capture their critical ideas in a single big-picture visual. Clients have galvanized their workforce by leveraging our visuals to show their strategic plan in a single image, aggregated plans from different divisions into a single vision for the whole organization, demonstrated emerging technologies needing simplification for a general audience and others.