Team Alignment Workshop

The greatest work groups today quickly understand and motivate one another through shared aspirations. Whether your team works in the same office or virtually, our half-day workshop catalyzes connection, alignment, and action.


Training in Visual Meeting Processes

Meetings often suffer from lack of engagement by all but the most powerful voices in the room (or on the conference call). We teach leading edge meeting processes that honor cognitive and cultural diversity, delighting and engaging everyone.


Visual Facilitation for Meetings & Conferences

We partner with leaders to produce meetings that catalyze new energy, inspiration and creativity through the use of live visuals that capture ideas as they are unfolding.


Projects for the Greater Good

We help catalyze positive social change through our large-scale murals that bring history and future forecasts to life, including Women Inventors and Innovators, People Centered Internet, Co-Evolution, and The History of Corporate and Executive Education.


Personal Presence Coaching

We choose select individuals who have the potential for positive impact in the world, identify their unique value proposition, visualize their offerings, and scale their presence through targeted and dynamic social media.


Digital Storytelling

We carry forward profound insights into the digital realm with infographics, digital stories, and animations that give people not just information but a visual experience that goes to the heart as well as the mind.