Our People

Through collaborative work and expertise in infographics, web design, graphic arts, business, fine art and education we have developed innovative techniques for capturing ideas, producing images and developing templates for clients to use on their own. Meet the core group of Visual Insight:


Eileen Clegg is founder and principal of 10 year old Visual Insight, has been a professional writer her entire career and has used art to frame ideas as far back as she can remember. She was a daily news journalist for 20 years, has written numerous books and articles, and has been affiliated with Institute for the Future, conducting research on learning since 1999. She brought writing and art together to create the unique approach to visual journalism.  



ellen lovelidgeEllen Lovelidge is a Visual Journalist and our creative design leader who oversees our publications and communications. She is a writer and artist experienced in online visual communication. She works with us to create editable “InfoMurals” that enable clients to transform complex reports and slide decks into singe-page images that capture the big-picture.  Ellen’s work is helping us bring the power of large-scale visual journalism on to the desktop.



Justin Klineman is our writer, editor, researcher and interviewer.  Justin edits our books, white papers, and reports, both proprietary projects and mainstream publications about visualization, technology, and collaborative process.  He combines research expertise, interview acumen, and precision wordsmithing to provide the content behind the graphics for Visual Insight.


Lorie Lease
, our business manager, has been in business finance for 25 years and has been working with Eileen for 13 years. Her professional focus has been on new businesses with innovative products and services.